How I'll work to keep our communities safe

Our homes and our neighbourhoods are our sanctuaries. They are where we go after a long day at work to unwind, be with our families and, most importantly, feel safe.

Our city is one of the safest in Canada, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to be done. My volunteers and I have been having so many conversations while doorknocking and over and over again we hear how important it is that you feel safe in your home and in your community. I heard what you had to say and that’s why safe communities became one of my four platform planks.

 In late spring, a volunteer and I were doorknocking near the Petro-Canada location near the intersection of 89th St SW and Old Banff Coach Rd. We watched as a car nearly bumped into a teenage girl, stopping just in time. A few hours later, as we were knocking nearby, resident after resident expressed concerns about traffic in the area. People kept telling us, “A child is going to get hit here soon.” We need to use traffic calming methods like using proper street signage and flashing lights where necessary. Pedestrians, especially children, should feel safe walking our streets in Ward 6 and across Calgary.

The safest communities are those which have a strong relationship between citizens and law enforcement. Calgary is fortunate to have a fantastic police force and has a robust community policing strategy that allows for proactive measures to prevent and reduce crime. When our police are working with key community members, they are able to address root causes of crime and we can ensure that crime levels in Calgary decrease. As Councillor for Ward 6, I will work with CPS and other stakeholders to ensure that the relationship between law enforcement and community members remains both productive and strong.


Safe communities also keep you healthy. Since removing fluoride from our drinking water, there has been an increase in tooth decay among children. I’m a strong believer in the need for fluoridated water and will fight to have it re-added to our water. Dentists are united in their belief that flouride needs to be re-added to Calgary’s water system; it’s the most economical way to keep our children healthy.



There are many ways we can keep our communities safe. In addition to those I have mentioned, I’ve proposed many other ideas to help keep our communities safe, such as fencing of off-leash dog parks and maintaining existing affordable housing stock. I want Ward 6 to be a vibrant, joyful corner of Calgary where everyone feels secure and welcome in their community. Achieving this means a strong partnership between you and your City Councillor. If elected, I promise to be the most accessible, visible, and responsive Ward 6 Councillor by holding frequent town halls and forums and using email and social media to respond to your needs promptly.

I’ve been talking to our Ward 6 neighbours for months because it’s not my voice that I want to bring to City Council, it’s yours. Please read my platform and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I hope I can count on your vote and that we can become partners in ensuring Ward 6 is a safe community for all.

Esmahan Razavi is the candidate for Ward 6 in the 2017 Calgary municipal election. She can be contacted at [email protected] or 403-988-7439. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Remember to vote on October 16!