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  • commented 2017-08-20 16:55:44 -0600
    Esmahan, congratulations on your campaign. What is your opinion on the art work controversy in our city? I think we should only contract out to Alberta artists. The city should also make art work designs available to the citizens for comment prior to them being accepted. …. Bill
  • commented 2017-08-19 14:10:20 -0600
    first off – I love the pictures. They really capture your obvious photogenic attributes. well done. I like that you have skills in mediation. A very good skill for a Councillor and sorely lacking at present. You mention that listening to as many stakeholders as possible is a goal. but what happens when they disagree? I have knocked on over 250,000 doors in the 25 political campaigns I have been involved with. It is rare that I can get people on the same street to agree to something much less whole communities. As a former Police officer I too am dedicated to safety – is there something specifically happening in Ward 6 that people feel unsafe about? In my career I have worked on dozens of ways to avoid pedestrian injuries and have attended over 60 traffic fatalities. Do you have anything in mind in this regard that the city is not doing as yet? Do you feel that photo radar is ineffective? are you advocating hiring more police to issue tickets face to face? You mention Calgary being a “world class” city which I have heard many times but have no idea what that means. are there any specifics you can give that would help us attain or keep that designation? You, like many of your opponents, advocate reduced property taxes while maintaining or increasing services which does require money – The city has a $2.7 billion budget – are there any specific places where money could be saved? typically doorknocking involves a 30-60 second exchange with a voter focused on your key message.. your key “why” you are running. would you share that with me please?
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    Want to get in touch with @esmahanyyc? She wants to hear from you! #ward6yyc
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    Want to get in touch with @esmahanyyc? She wants to hear from you! #ward6yyc
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    Want to get in touch with @esmahanyyc? She wants to hear from you! #ward2yyc
  • commented 2017-07-24 10:57:53 -0600
    Good morning,

    I am writing on behalf of to invite you to a Town Hall meeting that we are co-sponsoring with Mike Ellis, on Wed, July 26 6-8pm at SCA Community Association.

    I met you at an Information meeting at the First Lutheran Church in Strathcona/Christie Park. I am heartened by people like you who, like us, want to see positive change in the way things are done here in Calgary.

    It is our desire to increase awareness in Calgary regarding the destruction occurring at this very moment adjacent to the Weaselhead Environmental Area Park.

    I will include a link to our website as well as the invite below.

    Thank you and I hope to see you on Wednesday!


    Lisa Blackwell
  • commented 2017-07-14 21:58:28 -0600

    I recently signed up to volunteer with your campaign and I am excited to join your team! I was referred to your campaign by Omar Masood, who has given you high praises in my conversation with him! I look forward to helping out!
  • commented 2017-05-01 10:33:40 -0600
    What is your views on public funding of a new arena for a private for profit company?